Assistant Editor for New Earth Media

New Earth

The New Earth Media team has an opening for an Assistant Editor to contribute about 10 -15 hours per week to help with the New Earth Media website and the New Earth Media Facebook page. Your role will include:

  1. Proof reading and posting articles to the website that will be provided by the Editor, the team of writers, and the Fellows of the New Earth Institute and Faculty. (*Must have Word Press Experience*),
  2. Assisting the Editor in seeking out articles that are relevant to New Earth Nation of any external news stories to post daily on the website with such topics to include but not be limited to Science and Technology, New Discoveries, Disclosure and UFO related subjects, Health, Spirituality and Faith, Freedom and Sovereignty, Law and Economics, Art, Literature and Music,
  3. Posting relevant articles daily to the New Earth Media Facebook page that are pertinent to the vision and philosophy of New Earth Nation,
  4. Working with the writing staff and the New Earth administrators to ensure all documentation requested by the administrators is provided and kept up to date,
  5. Maintaining all contact information of the Media team and assisting is setting up Skype meeting requests and other pertinent communications,

If this is you, please send an outline of your interest and a CV describing your experience.