Ecology & Regeneration Faculty Opening at NEU

New Earth

The NewEarth University (NEU) School of Socio-Economics & Ecology is now accepting applicants for a position on its Faculty in the discipline of Ecology & Regeneration.

Due to the organic expansion in growth and manifestation we are experiencing at NEU, we seek an individual to do research and develop core curriculum in the area of ecology and regeneration for the planet.

The role may include:

  • Teaching online courses
  • Developing course curriculum and related content
  • NEU School Faculty interface and periodic NEU meeting attendance
  • Research Projects
  • Nature Photography/ Videography/ Writing (articles and compiling resources)
  • Ecology & Sustainability Regeneration (papers, symposium talks, etc.)
  • Seed Bank integration

Service: Suggested 5-15 hours per week


  • Awareness of ecology principles in alignment with the NewEarth ethos
  • Undergraduate, graduate or post-grad health-related degree / certificates helpful, but not necessary
  • Permaculture and related ecology teaching experience (online helpful)
  • Must have good computer skills and wifi access
  • Detail oriented, organized & multi-task oriented with pleasant manner (to work well with others is essential)
  • Self-motivated, a must

If this is you, please send a detailed letter of interest with your resume or CV in kind attention to the NewEarth University Executive Director, Dr. Nancy Ash: [email protected]

Gratitude from The NewEarth University Staff



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