Team Administrator

New Earth

Team Administrator A Team Administrator helps manage staff by distributing and assisting with the workload, monitoring team production, insuring organizational goals are met and maintaining responsibility for the overall management of specified administrative services. Nature of Work This position requires the ability to oversee, train, and monitor staff performance. The Team Administrator must maintain substantial knowledge of administrative processing procedures and guidelines. The Team Administrator must be able to interpret administrative guidelines and procedures in order to properly trouble shoot unusual problems while maintaining NEN philosophy. This position is responsible for communicating regularly with individuals, families, businesses, organizations, schools, colleges and universities. Responsibilities • Recommends and sets priorities for the management, planning, organization and training of a team of Administrative staff. • Makes recommendations regarding NESN guidelines and procedures that specifically affect the administrative staff and enrollment of community members. • Initiates and responds to inquiries from athletes, staff, partners and businesses that are complex and/or require research or independent judgment. • Performs other assigned duties that are within the area of knowledge and skills required by the position description. • Organizing meetings, training, coaching, festivals, conferences and other events. • Liaising with local sports councils, regional committees and national governing bodies. • Supporting colleagues to encourage and develop sport in the local, regional, national or international community. Hours per week: 30+ Location: Anywhere If this is you, please send an expression of interest and an outline of your experience. The New Earth Team