Technical Services Manager

Information Technology

** A CALL TO ACTION VOLUNTEERS : ** Dear New Earthers and Resonant Hearts, Due to the exciting expansion in manifestation and growth we are happily experiencing, the Technical Support Team is looking for a Technical Services Manager. As the Technical Services Manager, you will report to the Director of Information Technology. The TS Manager determines case entry and handling procedures, escalation path procedures, definitions and procedures for closing cases, and inputs/reviews solutions entering the Solutions Database, as well as being passionate about their contribution to the organization.This position call for direct feedback and consultation with development engineers on problem resolution Required Skills:

  • The TS Manager is the primary contact for any escalated cases, the must communicate openly and efficiently with other internal teams in Training, Engineering, & Quality Assurance) regarding details and outcomes of cases.
  • Must effectively communicate with customers involved in escalated cases to help understand the intricacies of each case situation and come up with a troubleshooting plan and resolution.
  • Responsible for remaining updated with company messaging, initiatives, specifications, and plans. S/he will communicate new initiatives or modifications to existing information to the TS staff in a timely manner.
  • Based upon frequent customer interactions and metrics obtained from cases, the TS Manager is involved in decisions to initiate wide‐reaching customer solutions proactively to improve current and future team support.
  • Creation, training, and maintenance of Technical Support workflow processes, including escalation paths involving other departments

Technical Experience:

  • Experience in: HTML5
  • Experience in: CSS3
  • Experience in: JavaScript/jQuery/JSON
  • Experience in: PHP5
  • Experience in: SQL(MySQL)
  • Desired: Scala

Education and Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems / Computer Science or equivalent experience (4) years minimum related . Communication: Communicates effectively to identify needs and evaluate alternative technical solutions.Continually seeks opportunities to increase organizations satisfaction and deepen relationships.Builds a knowledge base of systems and objectives.Facilitates team meetings effectively, understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully.Delivers engaging, informative, well-organized presentations. Resolves and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion. Teamwork: Facilitates effective team interaction.Acknowledges and appreciates each team member’s contributions.Effectively utilizes each team member to his/her fullest potential. If this is you, please send an expression of interest and a CV describing your experience. Thank you and Blessings! New Earth Projects Team