Graphic Designers I and II

New Earth

The NewEarth Project Media Team is seeking to expand with more experienced VOLUNTEERS, Graphic Designers I and II.

General Tasks: Collaborating with members of the NewEarth Media team by delivering Graphic Designs as needed, and attending periodic meetings.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Ability to conceptualize and implement a design solution from start to finish
  • Ability to flexibly work with a group to strategize and take suggestions from others for NE Branding ethos
  • Create designs by hand and/or digital means
  • Create memes / converting graphics into multiple colors, context as needed
  • Sizing of graphics to fit proportionally on various projects
  • Assist with artwork development, organization, communication, and illustrations (specify colors, images, type style, and layout) for our two digital magazines, The NewEarth Oracle (NEO), and The Sovereign’s Voice.



  • Proficient computer skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photo Shop, MS Office with excellent computer access/wifi
  • Knowledge of digital graphic design
  • Broad-spectrum graphic design experience preferred, but not necessary
  • Hand-sketch and illustrator capabilities, always a plus

Location: Anywhere (Bali, Indonesia and London, UK a plus for onsite NE collaboration)

Service: Suggested 3-5 hour minimum commitment per week, which leads to greater participation and exciting advancement in the worldwide NewEarth movement as we move in to 2010.

The NewEarth Haven – Bali