NewEarth University Bio Architecture Designer

New Earth

NewEarth University Faculty Position: Bio Architecture Designer

Design & Development (D & D) Discipline, School of Science & Design Innovation

Due to the ongoing expansion of the NewEarth Project, the NewEarth University (NEU) faculty at the School of Science & Design Innovation is accepting applicants for a Bio Architecture Designer.  This exciting volunteer position with the D & D is for creative individuals with a passion for Bio-Architecture and Design working with others worldwide to develop conscious communities throughout The NewEarth Project, which is a renowned exemplar in this arena.

Candidates will have to be comfortable with design and material articulation involving the use of form-finding computational tools; and be familiar with morphogenetic processes of making and production of biologically shaped architecture by mean of deploying a genetic algorithm.

Asset would be to have skills in areas of:

  • Replication with digital fabrication strategies, rapid prototyping, parametric modeling, smart geometries, hybrid technologies and manual craft.
  • Negotiation Skills between design intent and material emergence would be very welcomed.

Our ideal candidate would have to show proficiency in 3D modeling or Revit application with understanding of BIM thinking.

This exciting and unique faculty position at NEU’s D & D offers an open opportunity for individuals to participate in a cutting-edge design investigation based on interdisciplinary collaboration.

If this is you, please sent a detailed letter of interest with your resume or CV and samples of your work to the NEU Executive Director, Dr. Nancy Ash: [email protected]

Thank you from the NewEarth University Staff