NewEarth University Ecology & Regeneration Faculty

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NewEarth University’s Ecology & Regeneration discipline​ within the School of Socio-Economics & Ecology, ​invites collaboration in its growing worldwide faculty for skilled individuals with Ecology & Permaculture Courses (online and on-site).

Here are three VOLUNTEER positions that we are currently receiving applications for:

[email protected] with a letter of interest and CV or resume with kind attention to: NEU Director, Dr. Ash

  • PermaCulture Instructor – quality webinar presentations/ course instruction available to embed at the NEU portal; on-site program curriculum implementation for multi-faceted applications of ecology and regeneration; willingness to collaborate and mentor others
  • SeedBank Coordinator II: We have, on behalf of Mother Earth and all her people, a great need for the right person to work with our SeedBank Coordinator.  You have a strong passion to help research, create, nurture, and manage a NewEarth SeedBank database, etc. This seminal role is all about Saving the Seeds!
  • Ecology & Regeneration Faculty Advisor (possible professor – PhD) provides leadership to the Ecology & Regeneration faculty members with cross-pollination in other NEU Schools.  This individual writes articles, researches and submits best resources to the School and greater NEU Library, while developing creative course curriculum.  The Advisor implements cutting-edge classes on all aspects of Ecology & Regeneration, including collaborations with the SeedBank Coordinator.  Previous training, education, certificates, and teaching skills in this area of foci are required.  The E & R Advisor will champion the Arks of Fire Initiative of the greater NewEarth Project.

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