Transcriptionist & Proofreader

The Committe to Support the ITNJ

A CALL TO ACTION – VOLUNTEERS: Transcriptionist and Proofreader

Dear New Earther, due to the exciting expansion in manifestation and growth we are experiencing, the NewEarth Project in alliance with the Committee to Support the ITNJ, is accepting applications for a Transcriptionist & Proofreader.  A transcriptionist listens carefully to digitally recorded courtroom proceedings, so as to transcribe the content accurately.

In this volunteer role good listening skills are more than essential, without which ambiguities and inaccuracies may occur.  Fast and accurate keyboard typing skills for preparation of legal documents are paramount – and cannot be at leisure.  There is a pressing need to deliver transcribed documents within a limited amount of time.  This position requires legal transcriptionists to have legal drafting skills with exceptionally fast keyboard typing speed.

Moreover, legal transcription needs to hold high accuracy levels as high as 98%, so, legal transcription requires a great combination of listening skills, comprehensive knowledge of legal terminologies and fast / accurate typing skills.  Editing, grammar check and proofing skills are key; legal transcribing demands scrupulous editing and proofing skills as a part of transcription, know-how.

Good transcription also involves spell check – nothing can match the benefit of a double-check!

Service: It is your choice.  We suggest a few hours… to as many hours as you may assist in our noble endeavor.

Teamwork: Willing to work well with others in effective team interface for the good of the whole project at hand. Acknowledges and appreciates each team member and their contributions.

If this is you, please send an expression of interest and a CV describing your experience to: [email protected]

Thank you.