Translations Team Worldwide Director

New Earth

The NewEarth Project has an opening for a VOLUNTEER Translation Team Director to build and lead a worldwide Translation Team

The Translation Team Volunteers gather from all corners of planet earth to offer the world our core NewEarth Message – vision, mission, and vital resource documents located on our many portals.

Consider joining with us to help make the NewEarth manifest by allowing more people to read our vital content, presented in different languages:

· French · Hungarian · Portuguese · Spanish
· German · Italian · Slovakian · Swedish



As a Director of this expanding translation group, your responsibilities will include:

  • Welcoming and assisting new team members;
  • Define and manage the translation advancement according to NewEarth developments;
  • Attend a weekly online core NewEarth management meeting to achieve translation advancement and provide updates
  • Attend online NewEarth University (NEU) meetings periodically for updates;
  • Provide translation advancement updates to language translators periodically;
  • Connect with NewEarth Media in order to provide graphics for translated images or documents;
  • Connect with NewEarth Information Technology to have IT support for portal translation;
  • Meet regularly with translators to provide content for translation, and to offer support as needed;
  • Maintain a backup copy of all translated content, except the translated portal webpages;

Translations of the NewEarth message will include: NewEarth documents

  • NE Blueprint: a foundational document of the entire NewEarth Project
  • Zero Point Time: the document explaining the NewEarth time measurement system
  • Declaration of Sovereignty: the declaration of sovereignty for all NewEarth members
  • The NewEarth Treaty: the planetary covenant of fellowship in peace
  • Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty (from NEU’s School of Health & Wellness)

NewEarth Portals

  • NewEarth Project: the main (overarching) portal for the NE movement
  • NewEarth University (NEU): the Brain-trust portal: wisdom & knowledge-sharing; new paradigm learning
  • NewEarth Media: featuring articles from NEU on the NE Blog
  • NewEarth Haven: NE flagship Haven in Bali, Indonesia
  • NewEarth Festival: (2017 inaugural festival, Ancient Futures)
  • NewEarth Nation: the portal for establishing your micro-nation
  • NewEarth Market: in development for 2018
  • NewEarth Community: NewEarth social platform connecting people and conscious communities
  • All forthcoming portals…

NewEarth Print & Visual Media

  • NewEarth Magazines: the NewEarth Oracle (NEO); and The Sovereign Voice
  • NewEarth Videos: multiple videos promoting and sharing the NewEarth message


  • Good level of English-speaking and writing
  • An understanding for what the NewEarth stands for, i.e., the ethos
  • Basic word processing program, spreadsheets and general IT skills
  • Detail oriented, organized & multi-task oriented, innovative, flexible and self-motivated
  • Knowledge of WordPress a big advantage

Please send an expression of interest and an outline of your experience to: [email protected].  Thank you for applying today for this key role in our movement.

The NewEarth Team