NewEarth University’s Design & Development Faculty

Design & Development (known as the D & D)

D & D is a core discipline within the NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation.  Its faculty members facilitate a new ethic in planetary development, where the design and development of man-made environments harmonizes and respects nature.

Statement of Purpose

Human-made spaces that have come to be indicative of human society no longer serve us.  We have collectively begun to see that it is only through the gentle integration of human-made environments with their natural surroundings, that a more balanced and harmonious existence can be realized.

Our purpose at NewEarth University’s D & D is to articulate and support this shift in attitude toward, and practice of, this most fundamental sphere of human endeavor. Our undertaking is one which supports the creation and maintenance of all NewEarth Haven Communities and venues, in all their many shapes and colors, and in all matters relating to design and development components of the NewEarth Blueprint.  Thus we:

  • Gather to conduct Research & Development covering all aspects of sustainable and sacred design and development.
  • Provide a framework with which design & development professionals, innovators, eco-builders, artists, and conservationists cooperate to deliver NewEarth-aligned developments.
  • Provide life-affirming tools and resources to all people and communities across the New Earth Nation enabling enhanced resonance, energetics and a thriving biodiversity.