NewEarth Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts

At the NewEarth University (NEU) School of The Living Arts, a core discipline of Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts stands sentinel to a collective of artists from all genres harmonically collaborating to express the vision of the NewEarth Project.

As a whole, esteemed fellows, faculty, affiliates and staff recognize that sweeping changes are needed.

For sacred sound and music, it is inevitable that the way in which music is practiced and shared must be re-calibrated.


We recognize that everything that appears in our reality is actually vibrationally-based, as witnessed in the science of cymatics.  Therefore, we understand that, as musicians, we have a much larger responsibility than we have been led to believe.

As it has been, most music has been relegated to the purpose of “entertainment”, which is nothing more than distraction.  Our mission is to resurrect music from the purpose of keeping peoples’ attention bound and fixated in the 3 dimensional time-space prison, and to restore it to its higher purpose, of liberating the soul, entirely.

If this speaks to your heart, applications are being accepted for volunteers to join with us at NEU.

Please send your resume with a cover letter (and hotlinks to your sample creations, as possible) to the kind attention of the NewEarth University Executive Director, Dr. Nancy Ash: [email protected]


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